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Are you tired of feeling like a busy schedule and a fitness routine just don’t mix? We understand the struggle. That’s why we’re here to help you achieve your fitness goals while still living your life. With our team of world class personal trainers near you, you’ll experience an infectious energy that will keep you motivated and inspired without missing a step. Our approach combines lifestyle and personalized training to create a plan that’s uniquely tailored to you. In other words, making life and fitness work in synergy with each other.  

We understand that fitness and going to a gym can be intimidating, which is why we’ve created an environment where everyone feels comfortable and accepted. Our members come from all walks of life and at different fitness levels. We’ve built a community where our members support and lift each other, are welcoming to everyone, and are fun. At Synergy Complete Athletics, we’re more than just a gym – we’re a family. 

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your overall wellness, we have the best trainers in Scarborough with the expertise and resources to help you succeed. Let us help you achieve the balance you’ve been searching for. Call us today and experience the power of community and a dedicated team of world class trainers!  

Reviews on Synergy complete athletics

Sabrina Melder

I have been taking bootcamp/boxing/PT classes here for the past four years, and I cannot speak highly enough about this gym and the community it has built. I have dropped about 20 lbs and maintained my weight loss, all thanks to the outstanding support and guidance of the trainers and staff. The classes are challenging yet fun, and the trainers make sure to tailor the workouts to each individual’s needs and abilities.

Laura Morra

I was 255 pounds and mentally defeated. In less than a year of training and being educated on my eating habits, I  dropped to 160 pounds losing almost 100 pounds gone. My joints and mobility has improved tremendously and I have a love for life now. I continue to train there with a mix of personal training , bootcamp and boxing classes. If you want to see results and feel like a part of a community this is the place to be. 

Stephanie Lenzo

Love attending the BBL classes! Highly recommend coming out to try this class.

Scarborough Personal Trainers and Group
Fitness Classes Near You

From personal training and boxing to bootcamps and judo, we offer a wide variety of classes that are tailored to meet your unique fitness goals. Our classes are designed and carefully curated to work around your busy schedule to help you reach your full potential.


Ready to knock out your fitness goals? With our high-intensity workouts and personalized training plans, our boxing lessons really pack a punch! Whether you want one on one lessons or want to join our group classes, unleash your inner champion with our top-rated boxing lessons!

Personal Training

Want to to lose weight, gain muscle, or improve your overall wellness? Our top rated personal trainers will work with you to build a personalized fitness regiment that is tailored to your goals and needs. Learn more about our personal training services and start the journey to build a stronger, healthier you

Group Classes

Our wide range of group classes include fitness bootcamps, boxing, judo, and more, all designed to provide a challenging and rewarding workout that's tailored to your needs and abilities.

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Customized Fitness Plans

We don’t believe in a one size fits all solution! Where most “cookie cutter” plans fail, we have you covered with a customized plan that fits your lifestyle, body, and fitness level using evidence based practice and years of industry experience. Visit us today for a FREE fitness assessment”

Flexible Scheduling

Our world class personal trainers offer timeslots that fit your busy schedule, seven day a week. We’re committed to helping you realize your fitness goals so book a session with our personal trainers today! We also have group classes running each and every single day giving you more solutions to help you stay on track.

Community Focused

Community is the heart of Synergy Complete Athletics. Many of our members go on to build lifelong friendships and foster a community of uplifting each other. We’re all about the #positivevibes here! Call now and join team Synergy today!

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